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When can you start sport after given birth?

16 September 2020

“I gave birth 2 weeks ago, when will I be able to CrossFit again? As pelvic physiotherapists, we get this question more and more. It is very nice that many people are conscious about their health and fitness. However, between giving birth and CrossFit are still a few steps to take.

Childbirth is a top sport. And as with any sport, you sometimes get injured. With a vaginal delivery, there is actually always a serious injury, mainly on the pelvic floor. So the first phase always consists of rest, a lot of rest! Later you can start with a calm build-up, more extensive training and finally the competition element.

In several countries, it is always recommended to have the pelvic floor checked after childbirth. Unfortunately, this does not happen in every country. A pelvic floor that does not function properly can cause many complaints. Now, but certainly also in the future. During sports, but also when lifting, there is a lot of pressure on your pelvic floor. One month after delivery, the tensile strength of the connective tissue is only 10%, after 6 weeks 50% and around 9 months you are at about 75% of the original value.

Start with exercises in between feedings but take it easy. Consciously tighten your pelvic floor, pay close attention to your breathing and do not forget your rest. A heavy feeling in your pelvic floor, pain and/or urine leakage means that you really train too hard. Those are clear signals that you have to take it easier. If in doubt, ask for help from a registered pelvic physiotherapist.

Do not be intimidated by the social pictures of the young mothers who are immediately tight in their skin again. In my opinion, there should be many more pictures of exhausted young mothers who do their very best, but where sports are not number 1 in this phase. Listen to your body, and take it easy with the sport.

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