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Pelvic pain symptom checker


pelvic pain symptom checker

Pelvic symptom check

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The pelvic pain symptom checker

Get exercises for your pelvic floor
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The information is written by registered pelvic experts

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We believe health professional information should be available to everyone

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pelvic pain symptom checker
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Free analysis of your pelvic symptoms

The pelvic pain symptom checker is an online quiz based upon your current pelvic symptoms. The quiz is quick and easy to complete. It covers a wide variety of pelvic conditions including pelvic pain, bladder problems, bowel problems and sexual problems.

Pelvic problems can be very complex and the symptoms can be interrelated.  The pelvic checker is able to analyze the information you provide about your current condition and provide you with individualised appraisal based upon your unique individual presentation.

You can take the online pelvic quiz from your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

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Receive expert information about your pelvic pain symptoms

The pelvic symptom checker is written by highly qualified pelvic health professionals.

Your information is carefully reviewed by registered pelvic experts. Once you’ve completed the quiz you will be taken to your personal information page. Here you will be provided with personal information and management solutions that are specific to managing your pelvic condition.

Your individualised information page helps you understand your current condition and provides you with expert physiotherapy  exercises and techniques for immediate management.

You will also receive targeted video instructions for dealing with specific pelvic conditions and suggested premium quality health products that can promote your recovery.

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The symptom checker is completely free

We believe health professional information should be freely available to everyone. The pelvic symptom checker and the information page will always be free and available to everyone over the age of 18 years of age.

The content is evidence based and regularly updated with new Physiotherapy guided videos, relevant quality health products and the latest research findings. 


Check your pelvic symptoms and get free health professional information 

Many pelvic problems are solved with simple exercises and management techniques