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Why men should also see a pelvic floor therapist

Problems in the pelvic floor? "That's a thing for women. Men are not bothered by that." This bias exists in many men. As a result, they don't talk about it and they continue to struggle with problems such as pain in the penis or anus, urine leakage and / or erectile...

Should men be sitting down to pee?

Urinating while standing or sitting, which is better? This is a frequently asked question about the ideal urinary position during consultation hours for men with urinary complaints, which are usually caused by an enlargement of the prostate. Although this may seem...

Pelvic expert advises: Do sit on the toilet. Especially now!

Due to the coronavirus, many of are very busy washing our hands and paying extra attention to cleaning and disinfecting them. Suddenly we have become fearful of virus and bacteria on all surfaces, including on the toilet seat, more so now than in the past. However...

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