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About Us

This pelvic recovery website found its roots in the Netherlands during Covid-19 in March 2020. Curious about our story? Read on

Helping people, even when it doesn’t seem possible

In March 2020 Covid-19 reached the Netherlands and because we knew so little about the virus, like many countries our government completely locked down the country. This decision had a great impact on health professionals including Physiotherapists to conduct their work and the ability of everyday people to access quality Physiotherapy pelvic health and recovery information.

During lockdown, Physiotherapists were unable to treat patients face to face as they usually would when everyone was required to stay at home. Our time at home made us rethink ways to provide public access to quality pelvic health information. We wanted to solve problems that didn’t exist before. How could we still help as many people as possible without physically seeing them?

The birth of the Pelvic Health Check

One of the challenges with much of the pelvic health information available on the internet is that it’s usually general basic information. It can be challenging to access information that specifically applies to individual conditions. For example a woman with pelvic pain in the early weeks of her pregnancy requires different information to someone who just has given birth.


building the pelvic pain check


My sister in law, Willeke van der Neut (pelvic therapist) and I teamed up during a lockdown meeting. During this meeting we explored the possibilities of giving detailed and personal advice for pelvic related issues.

Weeks of collaboration involving writing specific information tailored to pelvic conditions and implementing this information in a chatbot that could differentiate the conditions. This collaboration resulted in the design and implementation of the Pelvic Health Tool.


The results

After weeks of writing and testing we launched the tool for the public. We had hoped that we could at least help a few people to access information to help them better understand their condition, we had no clue what outcome to expect.

The results were overwhelming. After we reached out to a popular woman’s blog ( we received over 100 completed tests on the first day.

The Pelvic Health Check has now been completed by more than 6000 women in the Netherlands and this number continues to grow daily.


Helping even more people (going abroad)

The success of the Pelvic Health Check in the Netherlands was reason enough to see if we could find a way to make the test available to a larger audience. Because pelvic related issues are a very specific condition that are most effectively treated by a registered pelvic expert, we wanted to make sure that the content was translated perfectly. We started our search for a pelvic expert abroad.

We reached out to Michelle Kenway, an internationally renowned pelvic floor Physiotherapist, author and YouTuber, the intention being to bring quality health information to a wider audience.

Our mission to provide quality pelvic health information to as many as possible aligned very well with Michelle’s personal vision. Even though we were miles apart (she resides in Australia), these shared values made us excited to work together right from the outset.


Our vision

We believe that quality content about pelvic health and recovery should be freely available to everyone world wide. With technology rapidly changing we are striving to provide you with this information in the most efficient and accessible way. 


Who are we?

The Pelvic Health Check has been produced and designed by world-renowned pelvic health experts with a passion for helping people and all made possible by the expertise of a friendly entrepreneur with a fascination for new technology.

Willeke van der Neut

Willeke van der Neut

Pelvic physiotherapist

Wouter Vonk

Wouter Vonk

Passionate entrepreneur

Michelle Kenway

Michelle Kenway

Physical Therapist & YouTuber


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